Where Did The Boxer Breed Come From?

The Boxer Was First Bred in Germany in The Late 19th Century.The Boxer Was Used  for Military Work, Acting as a Valuable Messenger Dog, Pack-Carrier, and Guard Dog. They Were Introduced To Family Life When Soldiers Coming Home From War Decided To Take Them Home! The Name "Boxer" Comes From The Breeds Tendency To Stand on its Hind Legs and "Box" With Its Front Legs.

 This is "Flocky"
The Very First Boxer!

Boxer Temperament and Care

Boxers are Full of Life, Playful, Loving Family Companions and Perpetual Cuddle Bugs. Boxers Will Try To Wriggle into Even The Smallest Spaces Possible to Get Close to The Ones They Love. They Love to Be the Center of Attention! They Love Long Walks and With Proper Socialization They Get Along Great With Other Dogs and Children of All Ages. They are Excellent Guard Dogs, One Who Will Stop Playing to Stand Up, Ears Trained on Any Strange Noise That May Be Perceived as Danger to Their Family Members.They are Very Intelligent Dogs and Will Learn Most New Skills Very Fast and With A Lot of Ease.

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06 / 25  /  2020

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